Review 50th anniversary celebration

50-jährige Jubiläumsfeier DOMMEL GmbH, Podiumsgespräch

Wassertrüdingen – The crisis used, the digitization advanced and today very well positioned: Delivery problems are largely a thing of the past.

In recent years, the company has made massive efforts – despite various crises – to improve a wide variety of processes. Times have been tough, but it has paid off. Today, the company is in a better position than ever before. We celebrated our 50th anniversary on 07.07.2023 with more than 300 guests, including business partners, employees and their families.

Karin Bucher, head of the Ansbach office of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and business promoter Thomas Merkel agree that the western part of Middle Franconia offers many interesting industrial companies and that the region does not have to hide. Especially the family-run companies are a stroke of luck for the region. They are committed to the rural location and the corporate culture is about more than just bare quarterly figures.

Frank Dommel is also committed to the Wassertrüdingen site, and the company has a total of around 120 employees. His father Wilfried founded the company in 1972. In the beginning, it was more of an engineering office that used its know-how to work for large companies. Later, production services also followed, whereby printed circuit boards were assembled from 1978 onwards – this process has been continuously improved ever since. Today, electronic components can be processed in seconds that are almost invisible to the human eye. As early as 2000, the development and manufacturing service provider built its current corporate headquarters in the industrial park. After ten years, it was bursting at the seams, so another location was added in 2012 – a former DIY store. Even before Corona, Frank Dommel began to optimize many processes in the company. Digitization in materials management has improved many processes. “For electronic components, there are sometimes new prices every day, which makes it incredibly time-consuming to create offers for customers and then plan production,” explains Dommel. On the one hand, internal processes were improved with the help of a student trainee’s bachelor’s thesis, and on the other hand, over 25,000 data records in the form of current prices from a total of 19 suppliers are transferred to Dommel’s system every night via supplier interfaces. This means that quotations can be created much faster and production is always supplied with materials in good time. As a result, more accurate commitments can be made to customers earlier and, ultimately, deliveries can be made more quickly – a clear competitive advantage. “During the Corona pandemic, we nevertheless had to deal with supply bottlenecks, but we were able to deliver and today we are very well positioned and benefit from the fact that we pushed ahead with digitization in such a way during the times of crisis,” the managing director is pleased to say. By the way – the working student now has a management position in the company. During the subsequent tour of the company, the two business promoters were pleased to hear that Frank Dommel has made a clear commitment to Wassertrüdingen as a location with his forward-looking view.