Hotmelt Molding

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Hotmelt molding is a versatile and effective process for protecting and sealing electrical connections and providing mechanical protection for sensitive assemblies.
Our hotmelt molding process can be used to connect and protect a wide range of materials (including assemblies and connectors). The low injection pressure of approx. 5 bar and the low process temperatures of approx. 200°C form an optimal process that is gentle on the product and keeps mold and die costs low. Molds can be designed and manufactured on request. This process is particularly suitable for space-saving housing molds and for electrical and mechanical protection of assemblies and connectors.

DOMMEL : HOTMELT-MOULDING Highlights Cable assembly

  • Injection of cable grommets / strain reliefs
  • Sealing connectors
  • Mechanical protection of connectors
  • Integration of components in a wiring harness

DOMMEL : HOTMELT-MOULDING Highlights Housing technology and electronics

  • Potting sensors
  • Mechanical protection of components and printed circuit boards
  • Sealing of components and printed circuit boards
  • Production of caps, plugs, moldings
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