Mechanics construction

Sophisticated design : Consistent functionality

You would like to have your idea of functionality consistently realized?

As electronic devices become increasingly complex, the importance of good mechanical design is often underestimated. A well-designed mechanical system is essential to give a product not only an appealing design but also the necessary functionality, be it for optimal heat dissipation or the required robustness.

The mechanics constructions are designed in direct exchange with our long-term partner. Together with DOMMEL, all products are realized in such a way that they are easy to manufacture while keeping production and parts costs to a minimum.

Through consistent Design for Manufacturing (DFM), we ensure that our products are optimally manufacturable. This ranges from the design of housings and light guides to cooling elements. By paying close attention to detail in the design phase, we can save both time and money.


  • Development of robust mechatronic systems
  • Consistent Design for Manufacturing (DFM) ensures optimal product manufacturability
  • Construction of housings, light guides, heat sinks, cable harnesses through to packaging – all from a single source
  • Design of production-optimized components made of plastic (thermoplastic, thermoset) or metal (punch-bending technology, extruded profiles, aluminum die casting)
  • Development of components for operating and display units
  • Design of housings for power electronics including thermal management
  • Use of simulation tools for structural, thermal and flow analysis, as well as injection molding simulation of plastic parts
  • Tool design for injection molded parts
  • Accompanying quality assurance in the development process for high product and process quality with methods such as System FMEA
  • High degree of optimization across the entire value chain, from the generation of individual parts to processing in production
  • Close cooperation with suppliers at international locations
  • Research on new materials and technologies (e.g. EMC shielding with plastics)
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