Hardware Engineering

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The creation of a good system architecture is an important factor for the success of your product. The early, cross-disciplinary involvement of experienced specialists from electronics, software development, industrial engineering and procurement forms the basis for a cost-optimized system architecture. The products developed can be ideally scaled for the production of small to very large quantities. They also have a high level of robustness in use, good maintenance properties and are optionally available for the long term.

DOMMEL has many years of experience in hardware engineering and in the development of customized solutions for its customers. These are, on the one hand, standard products that are continuously developed and adapted to customer requirements and, on the other hand, special designs that are created according to customer specifications.


  • The customer can contribute his own development from the hardware abstraction to the finished application
  • Implementation of projects using professional processes and methods (e.g. Scrum, Spice), standards (e.g. Appliance IEC 60335-SW Class-B) and certifications (z.B. VDE, UL)
  • Use of a modern and powerful toolchain
  • Verwendung von Tools zur Aufgabenplanung (z.B. JIRA), Dokumentation (z.B. UML), Sourcecode Management und Verfolgbarkeit (z.B. PTC Integrity)
  • Long-term maintenance and update options
  • Extensive system tests
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