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Do you want to lead your vision and target into a sustainable future?

At DOMMEL, we have many years of experience in the creation of prototypes. With the help of our own production facilities, we use the latest machinery to manufacture your prototypes. Our supply chain is carefully monitored and optimized to ensure that you receive the products you need at the agreed time and in consistent quality. We also have a proactive purchasing policy to ensure the best possible availability of components.

We monitor and optimize our costs so that we can pass the savings on to you. If potential risks to the delivery of your product arise, we will act quickly and decisively to mitigate those risks.

You can rely on us to deliver your prototypes on time and in the appropriate quality. Our development process includes various prototype stages. In the first stage, the proof of concept, we realize the desired function. In the following development stages, we bring the product closer to the perfect production-ready version with each optimization and increasing product maturity.

Our continuous improvement process ensures that our products are always of the highest quality. We have a multi-stage optimization cycle that starts with the A-sample (proof of concept) and ends with the (zero) series.


  • Many years of practical and project experience in the creation of prototypes
  • Continuous improvement process in product development and manufacturing
  • Early risk and quality management
  • Multi-stage optimization cycles from the A-sample (proof of concept) to the (zero) series
  • Preparation of the initial sampling as well as the production process and product release
  • Early optimization of the supply chain (both the components and the final product)
  • 3D printing housing pattern production
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