Electronic Engineering

Creativity in all areas : Far-sighted series production

Would you like to have innovative products electronically pre-developed for series production in a price-conscious manner?

Electronic engineering is a complex process that requires a high degree of creativity. At DOMMEL, we have the necessary experience and expertise to develop creative solutions that meet your specific requirements. We work closely with you to ensure that your designs are functional and cost-effective. In doing so, we are always looking for ways to improve the overall performance of your products. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust DOMMEL to deliver the best possible results for your business.

DOMMEL Electronic Engineering has been providing high added value to its customers in many demanding industrial segments for decades. Electronic devices have to meet more and more diverse requirements. High-quality creative electronics development/design is characterized by optimal component positioning, clever circuit concepts and a perfect layout of the printed circuit boards (PCBs). Also important is both the implementation of EMC concepts and test points, as well as the protection of critical components.


  • Development of complete high-quality devices, modules and assemblies according to ISO-9001 certified processes
  • Technical concepts for individual products or complete systems
  • Detailed simulations of electronic circuits
  • Printed circuit board design with circuit design, schematic and board layout
  • Focus on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and RF-compliant design
  • Robust, high-efficiency designs of control, power and drive electronics
  • Expertise in high temperature electronics and thermal management
  • Development of miniaturized electronics with components of size 0201 on multi-layer boards (e.g. 10 layers or more)
  • Test concept for optimal testability in manufacturing (DFT)
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