Innovative processes : High-performance productions

You want to be time-to-market with prototype, small batch or series production?

DOMMEL enables the production of single components, modules or complete devices. Using a wide variety of processes (SMT assembly, THT assembly, wave soldering, selective soldering), we are able to process the entire spectrum of electronic components with quality and efficiency. We test your products with reliable test systems, including SPI, AOI, Boundary Scan, ICT and in-house developed test environments. With our comprehensive service, you can be sure that your products meet the best possible standards.

DOMMEL offers a wide range of services for electronics manufacturing. From simple printed circuit boards to complex electronic assemblies. We offer customized services and solutions as well as long-term partnerships with our customers. In us you will find a reliable partner offering a wide range of production services.


Series production is divided into these process steps:

  • Material procurement
  • Production preparation (machine programs and templates as well as soldering masks)
  • Zero or first series: A first series is produced. Irregularities logged.
  • The experience gained from this run will be used to optimize the process.
  • Batch production: The ordered batch is manufactured, tested and delivered to the customer.

  • Depending on the requirements, the following work steps are performed:

  • Solder paste printing, SPI control, SMT assembly
  • AOI: Automatic optical inspection
  • THT assembly: manual soldering, wave or selective soldering system
  • Tests, final assembly
  • Packing, shipping
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