Small batch production

Scaling experts : Flexible small batches

Is flexibility an important market factor for you?

Small batch production is the perfect solution for fast, reliable and uniformly high-quality products. Our modern production processes are continuously optimized with regard to the requirements of the respective product. The batch size of the products is individually scalable according to customer requirements.

Small batch production is an essential part of our manufacturing process. We always deliver high-quality electronic components and assemblies to your desired target continent on time. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you an optimal supply chain solution tailored precisely to your needs.


  • Many years of practical and project experience in the creation of prototypes
  • Production of near-production prototypes to ensure manufacturability
  • Continuous improvement process in product development and manufacturing
  • Early risk and quality management
  • Multi-stage optimization cycles
  • Preparation of initial sampling with subsequent product release
  • Continuous supply chain optimization (both of the components and of the final product)
  • Detailed error analysis
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